Templemore Sports Complex

Buncrana Road
BT48 7QL

19:30 - 21:00

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company

Waterloo house
City Walls
Magazine Street
BT48 6HH

19:30 - 21:00




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Aikido class cancelled

Our class at Echo Echo Dance Studios is cancelled for the 13th November and will be back on the mats the following Thursday 20th.
Still trying to secure our training place at Templemore so no classes there yet.

Aikido is a Martial Art based on the principle of not interfering with the opponent. This means that no strength is required and it is suitable for everyone.

We follow the teachings of Alan Ruddock and Henry Kono (see picture below). Both studied Aikido with Morihei Ueshiba , the founder of Aikido.Both travel several times per year to Ireland to give seminars well worth attending.

Alan and Henry